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Amber Jahn – pain­ting murals in Ocean Beach

Those of you aquain­ted with the wild boar’s habits know that I love to roam the inter­net, always in search of talen­ted artists, as much in lite­ra­ture as in fine arts. One of my most awe­some encoun­ters (just in the vir­tual world up to now, to my grea­test regret) has been the one with Amber Jahn aka jahn­nie­girl, a San Die­go-based artist that made an appea­rance in the wild boar’s den on mul­tiple occa­sions.

Some days ago I lear­ned that she is right now invol­ved in an ama­zing pro­ject : Crea­ting the murals for Kilo­watt Bre­wing’s second loca­tion in Ocean Beach, 1875 Cable Street, due to open in ear­ly 2017.

There are some pho­tos of this work in pro­gress on Amber’s Face­book page (which I stron­gly sug­gest you visit), but to get an idea of the way things were and how they are now, I took the liber­ty of com­pi­ling some shots into an impres­sion of before / during and (almost) after Amber’s pain­ting campaign :

Kilowatt brewing's Ocean Beach location - before, during and after Amber Jahn's painting campaign.
Kilo­watt bre­wing’s Ocean Beach loca­tion – before, during and after Amber Jahn’s pain­ting campaign.

As the first one is taken from Goo­gle’s Street­view pro­ject, the angle is not quiet the same, but I think it comes across. And you will of course reco­gnize the details like the lamp over the door or the down­pipe next to it.

The first steps toward the crea­tion of this second loca­tion have been at least par­tial­ly crowd-fun­ded by a cam­pai­gn on Indi­go­go, where a second one has just been launched :

We are laun­ching this Phase 2 Cam­pai­gn to help us com­plete the rest of the pro­jects we have desi­gned for our Ocean Beach tas­ting room, inclu­ding […] cus­tom desi­gned patio panels by local artists

So why not engage and help spon­sor some local artists like Amber ? I bet even the finest brew will taste bet­ter in this kind of awe­some environment :-)